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All rehabilitation providers shall abide by the following rules concerning a provider's business practices:


Rehabilitation providers shall adhere to all federal, state, and local laws.


Rehabilitation providers shall not misrepresent themselves, their duties, or credentials. Rehabilitation providers must not promise or offer services or results they cannot deliver or have reason to believe they cannot provide. Advertising must be factually accurate and must avoid exaggerating claims as to costs, results, and endorsements by other parties.


A rehabilitation provider shall not solicit referrals directly or indirectly by offering money or gifts. De minimis gifts are not considered the offering of money or gifts. De minimis gifts are those that have a fair market value of less than $25.


A rehabilitation provider shall not request or authorize a rehabilitation client to solicit other business on behalf of the rehabilitation provider.


A rehabilitation provider shall advise the referral source and payer of its fees and reporting procedures in advance of rendering any services and shall also furnish, upon request, detailed and accurate time records regarding any bills in question.

Rehabilitation providers shall fully disclose to a payer the basis for computing and prorating a fee so that the payer may determine the reasonableness of the fee charged. When more than one employee is served during the same time period, the rehabilitation provider shall prorate the fee.


Any fee arrangement which prevents or compromises individualized assessment and services for each employee is grounds for discipline. This may include any fee arrangement which provides employees with standardized services whether or not the services are necessary.


A rehabilitation provider shall not incur profit, split fees, or have an ownership interest with another rehabilitation provider outside of the firm that employs the provider.


Qualified rehabilitation consultants shall not incur profit, split fees, or have an ownership interest with health care providers. "Health care providers" means those defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 176.011, subdivision 24.


The prohibitions of items G and H shall not be construed to prevent married couples or family members from engaging simultaneously in rehabilitation or health care.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 176.102; 176.83


8 SR 1777; 9 SR 1478; 16 SR 2520; 17 SR 3361

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008

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