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The commissioner shall supervise social services administered by county agencies. County boards must comply fully with parts 9525.0004 to 9525.0036. To facilitate the implementation of parts 9525.0004 to 9525.0036, the commissioner shall provide technical assistance to county agencies. The commissioner shall evaluate case management provided by county agencies to determine that services are consistent with part 9525.0008.

If the commissioner determines that a county board has not provided case management consistent with the outcomes under part 9525.0008 or has otherwise failed to comply with the standards of parts 9525.0004 to 9525.0036, the county board shall develop a corrective action plan. The commissioner may take action necessary to assure continuity of services for persons receiving case management under parts 9525.0004 to 9525.0036, and other applicable state and federal law.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 256B.092


18 SR 2244; L 2003 1Sp14 art 11 s 11

Published Electronically:

October 16, 2013