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The license holder must ensure that a personnel record for each staff person is maintained at the center. The personnel record for each staff person must contain:


the staff person's name, home address, home telephone number, and date of birth;


the staff person's documentation indicating that the staff person meets the requirements of the staff person's job position and the education and experience requirements specified in parts 9503.0031 to 9503.0034;


documentation that the staff person has completed the orientation to the center required in part 9503.0035, subpart 1;


documentation, when applicable, that the staff person has completed the first aid and CPR training required in part 9503.0035, subparts 2 and 3; and


documentation of completion of the in-service training required by part 9503.0035, subpart 4, showing the training topic, source of training, number of hours completed, and method used to document mastery of the subject.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 245A.02; 245A.09; 252.28


13 SR 173; 18 SR 2748

Published Electronically:

October 8, 2007