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Subpart 1.

Amount of assistance payment.

The county agency must issue an assistance payment to an assistance unit in an amount equal to the difference between the standard of assistance determined in part 9500.1231 and the assistance unit's countable income as determined in parts 9500.1223 to 9500.1226, for a whole month without separate standards for shelter, utilities, or other needs, except as provided under subparts 2 to 6.

Subp. 2.

Prorate the month of application.

When program eligibility exists for the month of application, the amount of the assistance payment for the month of application must be prorated from the date of application or the date all eligibility factors are met for that applicant, whichever is later. This provision must apply when an applicant loses at least one day of program eligibility.

Subp. 3.

[Repealed, 32 SR 1437]

Subp. 4.

Persons without a verified residence address.

A county agency may make payments to eligible persons without a verified address as specified in items A to G.


A county agency which chooses to make payments under this subpart must notify the department of its intention to do so 30 days before implementation.


A county agency must apply this subpart equally to all applicants or recipients who are without a verified residence, except that this subpart must not be applied to persons who are certified as having mental illness, developmental disability, or a family assistance unit unless requested in writing by the family assistance unit.


A county agency may divide the monthly assistance grant into four payments to be issued weekly for four weeks each month.


A county agency may determine eligibility and provide assistance on a weekly basis as specified in subitems (1) to (5).


The amount of assistance issued under this item may be determined either by prorating the monthly assistance standard which applies to the individual at the time of application and at the time of weekly redetermination, or as specified in part 9500.1261.


Forms required for weekly redetermination of eligibility must be approved by the department. The form must contain a statement of need by the recipient.


Notwithstanding part 9500.1259, subpart 4, the county agency must notify the recipient each time weekly assistance is issued under this item that subsequent weekly assistance will not be issued unless the recipient claims need.


Weekly determination of eligibility under this item must not continue beyond the first full calendar month subsequent to the month of application. Beginning with the second full calendar month, assistance may be issued as specified in item C to a recipient who has not verified a residence address but who is a resident of the state as determined by part 9500.1219, subpart 3.


The provisions of this item must not be applied to any assistance unit which receives, or is expected to receive countable income within the month of application or the following month.


Assistance provided under items C and D may be in the form of cash or separate vouchers or vendor payments for food, shelter, or other needs.


Except for weekly redetermination for assistance under item D, notices must be provided to recipients under this subpart as specified by part 9500.1259, subpart 4.


Assistance must not continue under this subpart when the recipient has verified a residence address as specified in part 9500.1219, subpart 3, item C.

Subp. 5.

[Repealed, 32 SR 1437]

Subp. 6.

Assistance payment when need will not exceed 30 days.

The county agency shall issue a grant determined by subtracting any countable income that the applicant has received since the first of the calendar month of application and any countable income the applicant is expected to receive before the date on which the county agency has anticipated that the applicant will lose eligibility for general assistance, from his or her prorated standard of assistance. The prorated standard of assistance must be determined by comparing the number of days between the date of application or the date all eligibility factors have been met, whichever is later, and the date which the county agency has anticipated that the applicant will lose eligibility for general assistance, with a 30-day month.

Subp. 7.

[Repealed, 32 SR 1437]

Subp. 8.

[Repealed, 32 SR 1437]

Subp. 9.

[Repealed, 32 SR 1437]

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.388; 256D.01; 256D.04; 256D.051; 256D.06; 256D.08; 256D.09; 256D.111


15 SR 1842; L 2005 c 56 s 2; L 2006 c 212 art 1 s 25; 32 SR 1437

Published Electronically:

October 16, 2013