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Minnesota Legislature

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Subpart 1.

Required contents.

Each licensed certification authority shall file with the secretary a certification practice statement demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 325K. This statement must disclose:


the practices the certification authority uses in issuing, suspending, and revoking certificates. If certificates are issued by class or level of service, the necessary criteria for each class or level of service must also be disclosed;


any warnings, liability limitations, warranty disclaimers, and indemnity and hold harmless provisions on which the certification authority intends to rely;


any disclaimers and limitations on obligations, losses, or damages to be asserted by the certification authority;


a written description of all representations by the subscriber to the certification authority about the subscriber's responsibility to protect the secrecy of the private key;


any mandatory dispute resolution process, including choice of forum and choice of law provisions;


where the summary of the most recent report of the auditor may be found which may be in the form of a URL;


the method used to determine that operative personnel are qualified to act and have knowledge regarding this chapter and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 325K, both initially and periodically throughout employment; and


the method used to initially determine that operative personnel have not been convicted within the past 15 years of a felony or a crime involving fraud, false statement, or deception and the method used to continue to evaluate the status of operative personnel.

Subp. 2.

[Repealed, L 1999 c 250 art 1 s 115]

Statutory Authority:

MS s 325K.01; 325K.03; 325K.04; 325K.05; 325K.06; 325K.07


23 SR 1352; L 1999 c 250 art 1 s 115

Published Electronically:

October 27, 2003