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To submit a payment in escrow, the customer shall make payment of the amount due as shown on the bill through an escrow payment form, clearly marked and provided by the utility.

The escrow payment form must provide space for the customer to explain why the utility's resolution of the dispute is unsatisfactory to the customer. The form must be in three copies, one of which will be retained by the customer. A copy of the escrow payment form must be forwarded by the customer to the Public Utilities Commission. Any escrow payment to the utility may be applied by the utility as any normal payment received by the utility. After escrow payment has been made, the customer and the utility may still resolve the dispute to their mutual satisfaction.

By submitting the escrow payment form to the commission, the customer is deemed to have filed an informal complaint against the utility, pursuant to the commission's rules of practice, parts 7829.0100 to 7829.3200. Upon settlement of the dispute, any sum to which the customer is found to be entitled must be refunded to the customer and must be supplemented by an eight percent per annum interest charge from the date of payment to the date of return by the utility.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 216B.08; 216B.09


26 SR 1438

Published Electronically:

October 9, 2008