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The utility is responsible for informing its customers of the following information as prescribed by the following provisions:


A sign or notice, which shall be approved by the commission, posted prominently and conspicuously at all utility office locations open to the general public. The sign or notice shall state where, when, and to whom a compliant is to be directed, and the address of the Public Utilities Commission and its availability for mediation upon written request.


The utility shall, at its expense, publish customer information, that will be offered to each new customer, and upon request, to any existing customer. This customer information must be submitted to the commission for approval. This customer information must, at a minimum, include the following:


The utility's own customer policies governing the following areas: bill collections; notice of disconnection; disconnection of service; reconnection of service; deposit and guarantee requirements; and meter reading procedures.


The rate schedule pertaining to the customers of that area. The current rate schedule as required by part 7820.3200 may be attached to the information to meet this requirement.


The title, addresses, and phone numbers of the department(s) of the utility to which complaints should be directed, including a telephone number for customers to call in emergency situations or a concise statement as to where such information can be obtained.


The information contained in parts 7820.0300 and 7820.2700 to 7820.3000.


This statement: "The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission regulates this utility and is available for mediation upon written request," and the address of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.


The utility's billing statements to its customers must contain this information:


This statement: "Register any inquiry or complaint at ..." (and list the address and telephone number of the utility, designating where the customer may initiate an inquiry or a complaint, or a concise statement as to where such information can be obtained).


A notice to customers of the availability upon request of the customer information.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 216B.08; 216B.09

Published Electronically:

October 9, 2008