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An advertisement of intoxicating liquor shall not contain:


In the case of distilled spirits:


The words "bond," "bonded," "bottled in bond," "aged in bond," or phrases containing these or synonymous terms, unless such words or phrases appear upon the labels of distilled spirits advertised, and are stated in the advertisement in the manner and form in which they appear on the label.


Any statement, design, or device directly or by implication concerning age or maturity of any brand or lot of distilled spirits unless a statement of age appears on the labels of the advertised product. When any such statement, design, or device concerning age or maturity of distilled spirits is contained in any advertisement, it shall include (in direct conjunction therewith and with substantially equal conspicuousness) all parts of the statement concerning age and percentages, if any, which appear on the label. However, an advertisement for any whiskey or brandy, which does not bear a statement of age on the label, or an advertisement for rum which is four years or more old, may contain general inconspicuous age, maturity or other similar representation, e.g., "aged in wood," "mellowed in fine oak casks."


In the case of wine:


Any statement of bonded winecellar and bonded winery numbers unless stated in direct conjunction with the name and address of the person operating such winery or storeroom. Statement of bonded winecellar and bonded winery numbers may be made in the following form: "Bonded Winecellar No. ______," "Bonded Winery No. ______," "B.W.C. No. ______," "B.W. No. ______."

No additional reference thereto shall be made, nor shall any use be made of such statement that may convey the impression that the wine has been made or matured under United States government or any state government supervision or in accordance with the United States government or any state government specifications or standards.


Any statement, design, device, or representation which relates to alcoholic content or which tends to create the impression that a wine is unfortified or has been fortified, or has intoxicating qualities, or contains distilled spirits (except for a reference to distilled spirits in a statement of composition where such statement is required by parts 7515.0700 to 7515.0780 to appear as part of the designation of the product).


Any statement of age or representation relative to age (including words or devices in any brand name or mark) except that:

In the case of vintage wine, the year of vintage may be stated if it appears on the label.

Truthful references of a general and informative nature relating to methods of production involving storage or aging, such as "this wine has been mellowed in oak casks," "stored in small barrels," or "matured at regulated temperatures in oak cellars" may be made.

The statement of any bottling date shall not be deemed to be a representation relative to age, if such statement appears without undue emphasis in the following form: "bottled in ____" (inserting the year in which the wine was bottled).

No date, except as provided in this item with respect to statement of vintage year and bottling date, shall be stated unless, in addition thereto, and in direct conjunction therewith, in the same size and kind of printing there shall be stated an explanation of the significance of such date; provided, that if any date refers to the date of establishment of any business, such date shall be stated without undue emphasis and in direct conjunction with the name of the person to whom it refers.


In the case of malt beverages, any statement of alcoholic content, or any statement of the percentage and quantity of the original extract, or any numerals, letters, characters, or figures, likely to be considered as designations of alcoholic content.


Any reference to novelties, mailing, outdoor advertising, and inside premise advertising shall be governed by other provisions of parts 7515.0700 to 7515.0780.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 299A.02

Published Electronically:

October 14, 2013