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Sign requirements on pilot/escort vehicles are as follows:


A pilot/escort vehicle must display an "OVERSIZE LOAD" sign mounted on the top of the vehicle. This sign must be displayed so that it is visible to both overtaking and oncoming traffic at all times during the pilot/escort operation. The sign must be clearly readable and legible at all times of operation. Bumper-mounted signs only are prohibited on the pilot/escort vehicle.


The sign must be a rigid mount and (1) be a minimum of five feet in width, (2) have ten inches of vertical visible surface space, and (3) display black letters that are eight inches in height and have a one-inch brush stroke on a solid yellow surface. Solid is defined as when being viewed from the front or rear at a 90-degree angle to the sign, no light can transmit through the solid surface.


Red/orange 18-inch flags must be mounted in line with the "Oversize Load" sign and mounted at approximately a 45-degree angle toward the sides of the pilot/escort vehicle.


Signs and flags must be removed or covered when pilot/escorts are not providing services.


If a route survey is being performed by the pilot/escort, the "Oversize Load" sign must be removed or covered. Route surveys may not be performed while escorting an overdimensional load.


A sign, light, or flag may not extend more than six inches beyond the widest part of the body of the pilot/escort vehicle.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 299D.085


37 SR 992

Published Electronically:

February 25, 2013

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes