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7080.2290 HOLDING TANKS.


To qualify as a holding tank, the system must:


meet or exceed applicable requirements of parts 7080.1900 to 7080.2030;


meet or exceed the applicable requirements of part 7080.2150, subpart 2;


meet or exceed the requirements of part 7080.2150, subpart 3, item B; and


meet the requirements of items B to F.


All tanks used as holding tanks must be tested for watertightness as specified in part 7080.2010, subpart 3.


A cleanout pipe of at least six inches in diameter must extend to the ground surface and be provided with seals to prevent odor emissions and exclude insects and vermin. A maintenance hole of at least 20 inches in least dimension must extend through the cover to a point within 12 inches, but no closer than six inches, below finished grade. If the maintenance hole is covered with less than six inches of soil, the cover must be secured according to part 7080.1970, item C.


For a dwelling, the minimum size is 1,000 gallons or 400 gallons times the number of bedrooms, whichever is greater. For other establishments, the minimum capacity shall be at least five times the design flow. Tank sizing for floodplain areas must be calculated according to part 7080.2270, subpart 10.


Holding tanks must be located in an area readily accessible to the pump truck under all weather conditions and where accidental spillage during pumping will not create a nuisance and must meet the setback requirements as specified in Table VII in part 7080.2150, subpart 2, item F.


Holding tanks must have an alarm device to minimize the chance of accidental sewage overflows unless regularly scheduled pumping is used. An alarm device shall identify when the holding tank is at 75 percent capacity.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03; 115.55


32 SR 1347

Published Electronically:

October 10, 2013

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