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Subpart 1.


No municipality shall submit an individual sewage treatment system grant application unless it meets the eligibility requirements of part 7077.0710, subpart 6. The written notification from the commissioner shall include application submittal conditions and deadlines. No municipality is eligible for a grant unless a complete grant application has been submitted to the authority and has been certified by the commissioner. A complete application includes all the documents required under subpart 2.

Subp. 2.

Application requirements.

The municipality must apply for a grant on a form provided by the commissioner or the authority. The municipality must submit to the authority the following information with the application:


the wastewater treatment plan adopted by the municipality's governing body that identifies wastewater treatment needs, proposes long-term solutions for a planning area, and includes:


a planning area survey prepared by an inspector that identifies all systems in the planning area as failed systems or systems in compliance with chapter 7080;


site evaluations, including soil investigations, soil borings, and percolation tests for the failed systems identified in subitem (1) prepared by an evaluator/designer and a determination if it is feasible to replace or upgrade the failed systems on site made by an evaluator/designer;


a summary of the proposed systems that includes sizing, location, and design, prepared by an evaluator/designer using data from the site evaluations prepared under subitem (2);


a list of the failed individual sewage treatment systems, including addresses and names of property owners, that meet the eligibility requirements under part 7077.0710, subpart 2, item A, and copies of the abatement notices;


an analysis of the overall wastewater treatment needs in the planning area including a proposal for addressing the remaining wastewater treatment needs in the planning area not covered in subitem (4), including specific actions to be taken and a proposed timetable for addressing the wastewater treatment needs;


documentation of approval of the project inspector, evaluator/designers, and installer under part 7077.0720; and


a certification of adoption of the wastewater treatment plan from the municipality's governing body;


a copy of the enacted ordinance that adopts the requirements of chapter 7080, individual sewage treatment system standards, and establishes a maintenance plan for the individual sewage treatment systems in the municipal jurisdiction and certification that the ordinance is being enforced;


signed statements of compliance with the eligibility requirements under part 7077.0710, subpart 2, items B to E, from the individual system owners;


the amount of grant funding requested for site evaluation, system design, and construction and a certification stating that only eligible costs have been requested;


the municipality's estimated date for the completion of all construction and final request for payment for the grant eligible systems;


a statement from the municipality that it has an inspector on staff or under contract for services; and


an assurance from the municipality that states that all property owners who plan to be connected to an individual sewage treatment system that serves two or more structures with wastewater flows agree to be part of the system, to participate in the construction projects, and to participate in and finance future operation, maintenance, and replacement of the system.

Subp. 3.

Other information.

After the application is received, the municipality must submit any other information requested by the commissioner necessary to clarify the application.

Subp. 4.

Application closing date.

The application deadline shall not be less than 150 days after the placement request submittal deadline identified under part 7077.0713, subpart 2, item A. The commissioner shall send written notification of the application deadline to municipalities that are eligible to submit grant applications. The application must be postmarked by the specified application deadline.

Subp. 5.

Incomplete applications.

Municipalities that submit applications postmarked by the application deadline that require additional information to be considered complete under subpart 2, have 45 days from the application deadline to submit the information needed to make the application approvable. If an application is not completed within this 45 days, the municipality is ineligible for funding. Ineligible municipalities must wait to reapply until the funding list placement requirements have been met and the project has been classified as fundable under part 7077.0713 during a subsequent application cycle.

Subp. 6.

Three copies.

Individual sewage treatment system grant application forms and attachments must be submitted in triplicate to the authority. At least one set of forms and attachments must contain original signatures.

Subp. 7.

Application approval.

The commissioner shall review and approve grant applications from municipalities that meet the requirements under this part.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 116.07; 116.18; 116.182


13 SR 1822; 15 SR 288; 16 SR 1800; 17 SR 3097

Published Electronically:

October 2, 2007