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7077.0705 DEFINITIONS.

Subpart 1.


For the purpose of parts 7077.0700 to 7077.0765, the following terms have the meanings given them.

Subp. 2.

Abatement notice.

"Abatement notice" means an official document issued by the municipality to the owner of an individual sewage treatment system stating that the owner is in violation of the municipality's ordinance that adopts the requirements of chapter 7080. The abatement notice must include a citation to the ordinance alleged to have been violated and a time frame for correcting the alleged violations.

Subp. 2a.

Application cycle.

"Application cycle" means the development of a funding list and the acceptance, review, and approval of written applications for individual sewage treatment system grant funds.

Subp. 3.

[Repealed, 15 SR 288]

Subp. 4.

[Repealed, 15 SR 288]

Subp. 5.

[Repealed, 15 SR 288]

Subp. 5a.

[Repealed, 17 SR 3097]

Subp. 6.

Construction cost.

"Construction cost" means the cost of the materials, labor, overhead, and profit necessary for installation, construction, and repair of an individual sewage treatment system established by a contract between a system owner and a system installer.

Subp. 7.

[Repealed, 17 SR 3097]

Subp. 8.


"Dwelling" means any building or place used or intended to be used by human occupants as a single family or two family unit.

Subp. 9.

Failed system.

"Failed system" means an individual sewage treatment system that does not conform to chapter 7080 and has been issued an abatement notice by the municipality.

Subp. 10.

Individual on-site treatment systems program.

"Individual on-site treatment systems program" means the same as "individual sewage treatment systems grants program," which is administered according to parts 7077.0700 to 7077.0765.

Subp. 11.


"Inspector" means a person employed by or under contract to the municipality who inspects individual sewage treatment systems for conformance with the ordinance that adopts the requirements of chapter 7080, and has received agency approval under part 7077.0720.

Subp. 12.


"Installer" means a person who constructs or repairs individual sewage treatment systems according to chapter 7080, and has received agency approval under part 7077.0720.

Subp. 12a.

[Repealed, 17 SR 3097]

Subp. 13.

Median household income.

"Median household income" means the income data named "median household income" from the most recent decennial census of the United States or the median household income calculated by the municipality and approved by the commissioner for alternative planning areas.

Subp. 14.

Mound system.

"Mound system" means a system for which the soil treatment area is built above the naturally occurring soil surface to overcome limits imposed by proximity to water table or bedrock, or by rapidly or slowly permeable soils.

Subp. 15.

[Repealed, 15 SR 288]

Subp. 16.

[Repealed, 17 SR 3097]

Subp. 16a.

Planning area.

"Planning area" means an area of contiguous structures with wastewater flows. A planning area is the entire geographic area within a municipality's jurisdiction unless the commissioner approves an alternative area.

Subp. 16b.

Provisional certification.

"Provisional certification" means an apprenticeship status given to persons that have participated in the state individual sewage treatment system certification program and passed the certification examination, but lack the experience required for full certification.

Subp. 17.

Seasonal residence.

"Seasonal residence" means a structure with wastewater flows resided at for less than 182 days of a calendar year by a single family or household. Second homes, vacation residences, and recreation residences are included in this definition.

Subp. 17a.

Site evaluation costs.

"Site evaluation costs" means the expenses associated with a site evaluation, which include the cost of an evaluator/designer, soil borings, percolation tests, and the determination of topographical features.

Subp. 18.

[Repealed, 17 SR 3097]

Subp. 18a.

System design costs.

"System design costs" means the expenses charged by an evaluator/designer to complete the necessary calculations for system size, location, materials, and other items necessary to develop a bed, trench, or mound wastewater treatment system design that conforms to chapter 7080.

Subp. 19.

Trench or bed system.

"Trench or bed system" means a wastewater treatment system employing a building sewer, sewage tank, and the soil treatment system consisting of trenches or a seepage bed constructed below the original soil surface.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 116.07; 116.18; 116.182


13 SR 1822; 15 SR 288; 16 SR 1800; 17 SR 3097

Published Electronically:

October 2, 2007