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7076.0100 PURPOSE.

This chapter provides for the administration of the state clean water partnership financial assistance program and the federal nonpoint source management program as provided by the federal Water Pollution Control Act, United States Code, title 33, sections 1329 and 1330, as amended, commonly referred to as sections 319 and 320 of the federal Clean Water Act. Parts 7076.0100 to 7076.0290 implement these programs by establishing the conditions under which the agency may award state matching grants, provide technical assistance for the development and implementation of nonpoint source projects, and award low-interest loans from the state clean water revolving fund for the implementation of nonpoint source projects.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 103F.745; 115.10


13 SR 661; 20 SR 1245; L 2008 c 277 art 3 s 4; 37 SR 1334

Published Electronically:

March 20, 2013

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes