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7049.0930 AGENCY ACTION.


Upon receipt of a submission, the agency shall begin its review. Within 60 days after receiving the submission, the agency shall make a preliminary determination of whether the submission meets the requirements of parts 7049.0810 to 7049.0920 and, if appropriate, parts 7049.0360 to 7049.0470.


If the agency makes the preliminary determination that the submission meets the requirements referenced in item A, the agency shall:


notify the POTW that the submission has been received and is under review; and


commence the public notice and evaluation activities in parts 7049.0940 to 7049.0960.


After review of the submission as provided for in item A, if the agency determines that the submission does not comply with parts 7049.0890 to 7049.0920, the agency shall provide notice in writing to the applying POTW and each person who has requested individual notice. The notification shall identify any defects in the submission and advise the POTW and each person who has requested individual notice of the means by which the POTW can comply with the applicable requirements of parts 7049.0890 to 7049.0920.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03


33 SR 696

Published Electronically:

November 6, 2008