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7035.2585 ANNUAL REPORT.

The owner or operator of a solid waste management facility shall prepare and submit a single copy of an annual report to the commissioner no later than February 1 for the preceding calendar year. A report form and instructions may be obtained from the commissioner. The annual report must cover all facility activities during the previous calendar year and must include the following information:


the permit number, name, and address of the solid waste management facility;


the year covered by the report;


the quantity of each type of waste handled at the solid waste management facility;


the remaining capacity for storage or disposal of waste at the facility based on the amount of waste received and the original site capacity approved;


the rates charged at the solid waste management facility and anticipated changes in the rate for the next year;


the most recent closure cost estimate prepared under part 7035.2625, the most recent contingency action cost estimate under part 7035.2615, and, for land disposal facilities, the most recent postclosure cost estimate under part 7035.2645;


an assessment of the adequacy of the closure, postclosure, and contingency action plans;


the summary evaluation of the groundwater monitoring program required under parts 7035.2815, subpart 14, item Q; and 7035.2885, subpart 16;


the summary evaluation reports required for the specific solid waste management facilities in parts 7035.2825, subpart 9; 7035.2836, subparts 3, item G, 5, items J and K, and 11, item B, subitem (14); 7035.2845, subpart 4a; and 7035.2875, subpart 5;


the personnel training information required by part 7035.2545, subpart 1;


a certification by the owner or operator of the solid waste management facility; and


for transfer facilities or source-separated organic material compost facilities operating under an extended permit term, the information required in part 7001.3410, subpart 2.

Waste facilities that do not dispose of waste need not include items D, H, and I.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03; 115A.97; 116.07


13 SR 1150; 16 SR 2321; 19 SR 2330; 21 SR 327; 30 SR 529; 39 SR 857

Published Electronically:

January 7, 2015