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Within one week of receipt of an application, the agency shall notify the applicant in writing that it has received the application.


Within 60 days of receipt of an application, the agency shall notify the applicant in writing of whether the application is complete. If the agency fails to make the completeness determination required above within the 60-day period, the application shall be deemed complete. A completeness determination under this subpart triggers timelines for permit issuance under part 7007.0750, retroactive to the date the complete application was received by the agency, but does not limit the agency's ability to request additional information.


If an application is incomplete, the agency shall identify the incomplete portions of the application and outline the actions needed to complete the application.


If, during processing of a permit application that has been deemed complete, a minor permit amendment application, or an administrative amendment application, the agency determines that additional information is necessary to evaluate or take final action on that application, it may request such information in writing, and, after consultation with the applicant, set a deadline for a response. In the request for additional information, the agency shall briefly explain why the additional information is needed. If an applicant fails to respond to requests for additional information within the time period requested, the application shall be deemed incomplete. Applicants who have already made a change or begun actual construction of a modification at a permitted facility under part 7007.1450, shall provide the additional information within the time period specified by the agency.


Items A and B do not apply to applications for minor amendments or administrative amendments.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03; 116.07


18 SR 1059; 23 SR 2224; 41 SR 763

Published Electronically:

January 27, 2017