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Subpart 1.

Terms of permit.


A solid waste land disposal facility permit is effective for ten years unless the approved closure plan submitted under part 7035.2625 indicates that the capacity of the facility will be reached in less than ten years, in which case the permit term is based on the estimated year of closure according to part 7035.2625.


Except as modified by part 7001.3075, subpart 3, other solid waste management facility permits are effective for a fixed term not to exceed ten years as determined by the agency.

Subp. 2.

Site capacity.

A mixed municipal solid waste land disposal facility permit will state the certified capacity determined under Minnesota Statutes, sections 115A.917 and 473.823, subdivision 6, as well as the design capacity.

Subp. 3.

Additional general conditions.

Each draft and final solid waste management facility permit issued by the agency must contain the general conditions in part 7001.0150, subpart 3. In addition, each permit must contain the following general conditions:


The permittee must maintain records of all ground water monitoring data and ground water surface elevations for the active life of the facility and, for disposal facilities, for the postclosure care period. The permittee must also maintain an operating record in accordance with part 7035.2575 until closure of the facility.


The permittee may not start treatment, storage, or disposal of solid waste in a new solid waste management facility or in a modified portion of an existing solid waste management facility until:


the commissioner has received a letter and as-built plans signed by the owner or operator and by an engineer registered in Minnesota certifying that the facility has been constructed or modified in compliance with the conditions of the permit;


the commissioner has inspected the new or modified facility and has provided the owner or operator with a letter stating that the certification submitted is complete and approved; and


the commissioner has approved the financial assurance amount and instrument to be used for the facility in accordance with parts 7035.2665 to 7035.2805.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.388; 115.03; 116.07; L 2014 c 237 s 13


13 SR 1150; 30 SR 529; 37 SR 171; 39 SR 1763

Published Electronically:

July 1, 2015