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The application for a transfer facility permit must include the following information in addition to the information required by part 7001.3300:


detailed plans and an engineering report specifying how the facility will be constructed and operated including:


the facility design and layout;


security measures;


the types of vehicles intended for use at the site;


the types of wastes that will be received;


the hours of operation;


the storage capacity at the facility and the maximum amount expected to be stored;


a description of all major equipment, such as compactors, conveyors, and front-end loaders, used at the site, including the function, the model, the capacity, and the number of each type of equipment;


the methods to be employed to control nuisances such as dust, vectors, litter, noise, and odors;


the frequency of waste removal and method of removal;


the ultimate deposition of the waste received at the facility;


the on-site road design and maintenance;


the site closure plan;


the operating procedures to ensure the facility is maintained in compliance with part 7035.2870;


any recycling or composting to be done at the site and how it will be conducted; and


the safety and emergency procedures for the site operators;


information demonstrating that the facility will meet the design standards in part 7035.2870, subpart 4, or that the facility qualifies under part 7035.2870, subpart 3, and information demonstrating that the facility will meet the operations standard in part 7035.2870, subpart 5; and


evidence that the owner and operator have obtained all necessary municipality approvals. The owner or operator must submit a copy of any approvals obtained. If the facility is located in an area where no municipality approval is required, the owner or operator shall submit a signed written statement indicating that no municipality approval is required.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03; 116.07


13 SR 1150; 30 SR 529

Published Electronically:

July 13, 2009