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7001.1460 WAIVER.

With respect to the discharge that is the subject of the application, the agency is considered to have waived its authority to issue a section 401 certification under the following circumstances:


If the agency notifies the applicant in writing that it is waiving the agency's authority to certify the project. If issuance of the waiver is conditional, the notification shall specify the conditions that must be met.


If the agency fails or refuses to make a final determination on an application for a section 401 certification within one year after receipt of the application and the agency's failure or refusal to act is not a result of the applicant's failure or refusal to cure a deficiency in the application as required by the commissioner pursuant to part 7001.0090.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03


10 SR 2235; L 1987 c 186 s 15

Published Electronically:

July 13, 2009