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Subpart 1.

Written agreement.

A pharmacist providing pharmacy consultative services to a licensed nursing home shall devote a sufficient number of hours during regularly scheduled visits to the facility for the purpose of reviewing the quality of the pharmaceutical services provided to the facility residents. There shall be a written agreement, separate and apart from that provided to pharmacists supplying prescription drug services to residents, for the pharmaceutical consultative services between the facility and the consulting services provider which shall be available for review by the board.

Subp. 2.


The pharmacist shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:


preparation and revision of policies and procedures governing the pharmaceutical services;


development, coordination, and direction or supervision of all pharmaceutical services provided in the facility;


review of the drug regimen of each resident and preparation of appropriate reports and recommendations including at least a review of all drugs currently ordered; information concerning the patient's condition as it relates to drug therapy; and medication administration records, physician progress notes, nurses' notes, and laboratory test results;


reporting, in writing, irregularities in the storage, dispensing, and administration of drugs and other matters relating to the review of the drug regimen, to the administrator, and other appropriate health professionals as may be determined by the administrator and consultant pharmacist;


preparing, at least quarterly, a written report on the status of the pharmaceutical service and staff performance and submitting this report to the administrator and the quality assurance and assessment committee;


developing policies for destroying, in the prescribed manner, any unused portion of prescription drugs remaining in the facility after the death or discharge of the patient or resident for whom they were prescribed or any prescriptions permanently discontinued;


providing in-service training to nursing personnel;


developing policies for the issuance of medications to residents who are going on leave from the facility. These policies may allow the preparation, by the facility's licensed or registered nurses responsible for overseeing medication administration, of up to a 72-hour supply of medications in paper envelopes or other more suitable containers for use by a resident temporarily leaving the facility at times when the resident's pharmacy is closed or cannot supply the needed medication in a timely manner. A container may hold only one medication. A label on the container shall include the date, the resident's name, the facility, the name of the medication, its strength, dose, and time of administration, and the initials of the person preparing the medication and label; and


preparation of policies and procedures for the disposition of medications. The policies and procedures must conform with the requirements of parts 4658.1350 and 6800.2350.

Subp. 3.

[Repealed, 36 SR 237]

Statutory Authority:

MS s 151.06


18 SR 1145; 36 SR 237

Published Electronically:

September 21, 2011

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes