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Violation of any of the following standards of conduct by a licensee constitutes grounds for disciplinary action:


engaging in conduct prohibited by, or listed as, grounds for disciplinary action in this chapter, Minnesota Statutes, chapter 214, or sections 626.84 to 626.90, or engaging in conduct which violates any statute enforced by the board;


obtaining a license from the board by fraud or cheating, or attempting to subvert the examination process;


being convicted of a felony or gross misdemeanor in this state, or in any other state or federal jurisdiction of an offense that would constitute a felony or gross misdemeanor if committed in Minnesota including a finding or verdict of guilt, whether or not the adjudication of guilt is withheld or not entered, an admission of guilt, or no contest;


having been the subject of revocation, suspension, or surrender of a peace officer license or certificate in resolution of a complaint or other adverse action relating to licensing or certification in another jurisdiction;


failing to report the revocation, suspension, or surrender of a license or certificate in resolution of a complaint, or other disciplinary or adverse action taken against a licensee in this or another jurisdiction, or having been refused a license or certificate by any other jurisdiction;


being convicted of a state or federal narcotics or controlled substance law irrespective of any proceedings under Minnesota Statutes, section 152.18, or any similar law of another state or federal law;


being adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction, within or without the state, as incapacitated, lacking the capacity to serve as a peace officer, chemically dependent, mentally ill and dangerous to the public, or as having a psychopathic personality, or required to register as a predatory offender under Minnesota Statutes, section 243.166 or 243.167;


violating any order issued by the board;


practicing outside the scope of Minnesota Statutes, section 626.863;


making an intentional false statement or misrepresentation to the board;


engaging in sexual penetration or contact without consent, as defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 609.341, or engaging in conduct that violates Minnesota Statutes, section 617.23. Sexual contact does not include contact that is part of standard police procedure such as search and arrest;


being convicted, including a finding or verdict of guilt, whether or not the adjudication of guilt is withheld or not entered, an admission of guilt, or a no contest plea of a violation of Minnesota Statutes, sections 169A.27; 518B.01, subdivision 14; 609.224; 609.2242; 609.23; 609.231; 609.342; 609.343; 609.344; 609.345; 609.3451; 609.43; 609.465; 609.466; 609.52; 609.53; 609.748, subdivision 6; or 626.557;


failing to cooperate with an investigation of the board as required by part 6700.1610, subpart 4;


engaging in sexual harassment, as defined by Minnesota Statutes, section 363A.03, subdivision 43;


using deadly force when not authorized by Minnesota Statutes, section 609.066; or


being convicted of solicitation, inducement, or promotion of prostitution in violation of Minnesota Statutes, section 609.322, or any conviction under Minnesota Statutes, section 609.324, or being convicted of similar offenses in another state or federal jurisdiction.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 214.10; 214.12; 626.84 to 626.863; 626.843; 626.863


9 SR 2701; 11 SR 2337; 18 SR 1961; 20 SR 828; 30 SR 903; L 2013 c 62 s 32; 44 SR 353

Published Electronically:

September 11, 2019

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes