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The following described water bodies are designated as spawning beds or fish preserves and may be posted according to part 6262.0500, subpart 4.

Name Location County
A. Bass Lake North basin on the west shore near the Pincherry Access and south basin along north shore in the Elm Point area T.56, R.26, S.18,27 Itasca
B. Basswood Lake Portion of Pipestone Bay south of a direct line from Kosulainen Point to Gary Island to Caribou Point T.64, R.11, S.11, 12,13,14,15,22,23 Lake
C. Battle River - North Branch From the Red Lake Indian Reservation boundary to a point 6.0 miles upstream of the Beltrami County Road 23 crossing T.152, R.32, S.10-12,15,22; T.152, R.31, S.1-7 Beltrami
D. Battle River - South Branch From the Beltrami-Koochiching county line downstream to the Red Lake Indian Reservation boundary T.152, R.32, S.13-15,22; T.152, R.31, S.18-22,26,27,35,36; T.152, R.30, S.31,32; T.151, R.30, S.2-5,11,12 Beltrami
E. Baugh's Creek Inlet to Lake Osakis T.129, R.35, S.34 Todd
F. Bear Island River Both sides of Highway 1 T.62, R.12, S.23,26 St. Louis
G. Beaver River Portion upstream of Bear Island Lake T.62, R.13, S.35 St. Louis
H. Birch Lake Reservoir Stony Bay from mouth of Stony River to mouth of bay near Ring Rock and lower 300 yards of Dunka River and Dunka Bay T.60, R.12, S.4; T.61, R.12, S.33 St. Louis
I. Birch River Both sides of County Road 21 T.61, R.13, S.26,27 St. Louis
J. Blackduck River County Road 32, north to the Red Lake Reservation boundary T.151, R.32, S.20,28,29,33; T.150, R.32, S.1; T.150, R.31, S.6-8, 15-17,22,27,34 Beltrami
K. Boy River Child Lake outlet to Woman Lake inlet; includes Little Woman Lake T.140, R.29, S.15 Cass
L. Buck Lake Bay on northeast side of lake T.58, R.22, S.6,8,22 Itasca
M. Burntside River Both sides of County Road 88 at bridge T.63, R.13, S.26 St. Louis
N. Chub Lake Southeast bay T.48, R.17, S.26 N1/2 of NE1/4 Carlton
O. Clearwater River Below dam on Clearwater Lake T.149, R.36, S.12 Clearwater
P. Clearwater Creek Downstream of County Road 49 for approximately 400 feet T.57, R.25, S.23 Itasca
Q. Coburn Creek State Highway 71 to Blackduck Lake T.151, R.32, S.11,12,13 Beltrami
R. Crow Wing River Below 8th Crow Wing Lake Dam T.140, R.33, S.12 Hubbard
S. Curtis Creek Inlet to Osakis T.128, R.35, S.7 Todd
T. Cut Foot Sioux Lake From State Highway 46 to Williams Narrows T.147, R.27, S.23-26,35,36 Itasca
U. Darrigan's Creek From the outlet of Whitefish Lake to O'Brien Creek T.150, R.32, S.14,15,22,27,28,33; T.149, R.32, S.4-7 Beltrami
V. Dead River Downstream of County Highway 14 to Walker Lake T.134, R.40, S.2,3 Otter Tail
W. Detling Creek From the south branch of the Cormorant River to the road crossing on Beltrami CSAH 37 T.151, R.31, S.31,32; T.150, R.31, S.4,5,9,10 Beltrami
X. Dinner Creek Inlet to Two Inlets Lake T.141, R.36, S.11 Becker
Y. Dittberner Creek Inlet to Lake Miltona T.130, R.38, S.14,15,23,24 Douglas
Z. Domaas (Dumas) Creek From Upper Red Lake to a point upstream 1.5 river miles T.154, R.30, S.29,31 Beltrami
AA. Everett Creek Between Everett Lake and Twin Lakes T.64, R.12, S.31; T.64, R.13, S.36 St. Louis
BB. Gull River Portion in city of East Gull Lake from Army Corps of Engineers dam on Gull Lake to approximately 250 feet downstream T.134, R.29, S.20 Cass
CC. Fall Lake Below hydropower facility T.63, R.11, S.17,20 Lake
DD. Hams Creek Connection between Lake Miltona to Lake Irene T.130, R.37, S.23,26,27 Douglas
EE. Hay Creek State Highway 71 to Island Lake and below Island Lake outlet T.141, R.35, S.9,15 Hubbard
FF. Hay Creek From the Red Lake Indian Reservation boundary to a point 1.0 river miles upstream from the State Highway 1 crossing T.151, R.32, S.19,20,30,31 Beltrami
GG. Horseshoe (Sandbar) Lake Southeast bay of the west basin T.136, R.27, S.19 Crow Wing
HH. Indian Creek Inlet to Two Inlet Lake T.141, R.36, S.11 Becker
II. Jewett Lake Southwest shore T.134, R.43, S.23 Otter Tail
JJ. Johnson Lake South end of lake, north bay, and small bay on west shore T.57, R.26, S.2,12,13 Itasca
KK. Junco River From the first log dam above County Road 57 downstream to Devil Track Lake, including Devil Track Lake within 300 yards of the mouth of the Junco River T.62, R.1, S.21,28 Cook
LL. Kabekona River Between Kabekona Lake (29-0075) and Oak Lake (29-0060) T.143, R.32, S.27 Hubbard
MM. Lake Amelia Northwest shore T.126, R.37, S.26 Pope
NN. Lake Burgen Northwest shore T.128, R.37, S.33 Douglas
OO. Lake Darling Two bays (west and southeast) T.128, R.38, S.2,11; T.128, R.37, S.7 Douglas
PP. Lake Ida Two bays (west and northwest) T.129, R.38, S.2,3,11 Douglas
QQ. Lake Latoka One bay (southwest) T.128, R.38, S.27 Douglas
RR. Lake Le Homme Dieu Two bays (east and northeast) T.128, R.37, S.4,5 Douglas
SS. Lake Maud Southwest bay T.138, R.42, S.21,28 Becker
TT. Lake Miltona Northeast shore and west bay T.130, R.37, S.21; T.130, R.38, S.23 Douglas
UU. Lake Osakis East bay and northwest shore T.128, R.35, S.16; T.128, R.36, S.13 Douglas, Todd
VV. Lake Superior Knife River Marina T.52, R.11, S.31 Lake
McQuade Public Access T.51, R.13, S.25 St. Louis
WW. Little Cut Foot Lake Includes First River Lake and Egg Lake T.146, R.26, S.5-10; T.147, R.27, S.25,36; T.147, R.26, S.30,31 Itasca
XX. Little Moose Lake South bay known as "Pothole" T.57, R.26, S.Various Itasca
YY. Long Lake Below inlet culvert south of State Highway 34 T.140, R.34, S.21 and outlet below Long Lake T.139, R.34, S.20 Hubbard
ZZ. Maple Lake Southwest shore T.127, R.37, S.29 Douglas
AAA. Meadow Creek From the north branch of the Cormorant River to a point upstream 2.0 river miles past the Beltrami County Road 103 crossing T.151, R.31, S.1-3; T.151, R.30, S.5,6,8-10 Beltrami
BBB. Mississippi River Below Otter Tail Power Dam to Wolf Lake T.146, R.32, S.3,10,11,14,15,22,23,24,25,26 Beltrami
CCC. Moody's Creek Upstream from County Road 432 approximately 0.5 mile T.53, R.25, S.16,17,20-22 Itasca
DDD. Moose Creek From Upper Red Lake to a point upstream 1.5 river miles T.155, R.31, S.25,36 Beltrami
EEE. North Branch Cormorant River From the Red Lake Indian Reservation boundary to a point upstream 2.0 river miles south of the State Highway 1 crossing east of Shooks T.151, R.32, S.1-3; T.152, R.32, S.35; T.151, R.30, S.7-9,15-18,22-25,36; T.152, R.32, S.36; T.151, R.29, S.30 Beltrami
FFF. O'Brien Creek From the Beltrami County Road 32 downstream to the Blackduck River T.151, R.32, S.35; T.150, R.32, S.2,11,14,23,26,35; T.150, R.32, S.24 Beltrami
GGG. Osakis Creek Below Lake Osakis outlet T.128, R.35, S.16 Todd
HHH. Otter Tail River Below Highway 10 culvert near Frazee T.138, R.40, S.34 Becker
III. Otter Tail River Below Otter Tail Lake Dam T.133, R.40, S.4, below Rush Lake Dam T.135, R.39, S.26, Little Pine Lake inlet T.137, R.39, S.35, and outlet of Little Pine Lake to inlet of Big Pine Lake T.136, R.39, S.1; T.136, R.38, S.6 Otter Tail
JJJ. Pelican Lake Two bays (east and northeast) T.130, R.41, S.13,24 Grant
KKK. Pelican River Below Bucks Mill Dam to Buck Lake T.138, R.41, S.31 and from Big Detroit Lake upstream to State Highway 34 T.139, R.41, S.26,35 Becker
LLL. Pelican River 500 feet upstream and 500 feet downstream from Dunton Locks Bridge between Muskrat Lake and Lake Sallie T.138, R.41, S.8 Becker
MMM. Pomme de Terre River Below Mill Pond Dam T.130, R.42, S.14,23,24 and that reach of the river from the southern boundary of Section 7 upstream to the outlet of Barrett Lake T.128, R.41, S.7 Grant
NNN. Pomme de Terre River Below Morris Dam T.124, R.42, S.12,13 Stevens
OOO. Potato River Below Potato Lake Dam T.140, R.35, S.1 Hubbard
PPP. Rachel Lake One bay (southwest) T.127, R.39, S.15 Douglas
QQQ. Rapid River Mouth to State Highway 11 bridge T.160, R.30, S.12 Lake of the Woods
RRR. Round Lake Two bays on south side of lake T.59, R.24, S.14,15 Itasca
SSS. Rose Lake Southwest bay T.137, R.40, S.20 Otter Tail
TTT. Sandbar (Horseshoe) Lake Small bay on southern-most end of the west basin T.136, R.27, S.19 Crow Wing
UUU. Shagawa River Both sides of both road crossings at Winton T.63, R.11, S.19; T.63, R.12, S.24 Lake, St. Louis
VVV. Shell Lake River Shell Lake outlet to Section 17 T.140, R.37, S.7,18 Becker
WWW. Shotley Brook State Highway 72 to Upper Red Lake T.153, R.31, S.10,11,12,14,24; T.153, R.30, S.19-23 Beltrami
XXX. Tait River From the Forest Road 339 crossing downstream to White Pine Lake, including White Pine Lake within 200 yards of the mouth of Tait River T.61, R.3, S.17,19,20 Cook
YYY. Tamarac River From Upper Red Lake upstream to the Beltrami-Koochiching county line T.154, R.30, S.8,9,11-13,15-17 Beltrami
ZZZ. Toad River Inlet to Big Pine Lake upstream to County Road 13 T.137, R.38, S.32 Otter Tail
AAAA. Turtle River Below Three Island Dam T.148, R.32, S.19,20,28,29 Beltrami
BBBB. unnamed Connection between Lake Ida and Lake Charlie T.129, R.38, S.25,26 Douglas
CCCC. unnamed Connection between Lake Miltona and Lake Ida T.130, R.37,38, S.31,36 Douglas
DDDD. unnamed Connection between Lake Aaron to Lake Moses T.130, R.39, S.16 Douglas
EEEE. unnamed Connection between Lake Reno and Maple Lake T.127, R.37, S.31 Douglas, Pope
FFFF. unnamed Connection between Lake Ellen and Leven Lake T.126, R.37, S.12 Pope
GGGG. unnamed Area below Lake Minnewaska outlet T.125, R.39, S.25 Pope
HHHH. unnamed Inlet to Two Inlets Lake T.141, R.36, S.11 Becker
IIII. unnamed Connection between Lake Emma and Big Sand Lake T.141, R.34, S.23 Hubbard
JJJJ. unnamed Between Island Lake and Lower Mud Lake T.141, R.35, S.3 Hubbard
KKKK. unnamed From Big Toad Lake south to Mud Lake T.139, R.38, S.17,20 Becker
LLLL. unnamed Inlet to Big Toad Lake on east shore (Bambi Creek) T.139, R.38, S.3 Becker
MMMM. Vermilion Lake Pike Bay T.61,62, R.15,16, S.Various St. Louis
NNNN. Vermilion River (Gorge) Mouth at Crane Lake upstream to falls T.67, R.16,17, S.Various; T.68, R.16,17, S.Various St. Louis

Statutory Authority:

MS s 97C.025


39 SR 822; 39 SR 1619

Published Electronically:

March 16, 2017

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes