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Minnesota Legislature

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6213.0100 DEFINITIONS.

Subpart 1.


For the purposes of parts 6213.0100 to 6213.0800, the terms used have the meanings given them in this part and Minnesota Statutes, chapters 84, 86B, 97A, 97B, and 97C.

Subp. 2.

Business location.

"Business location" means the physical building where the sale of electronic licenses takes place.

Subp. 3.


"Commissioner" means the commissioner of natural resources.

Subp. 4.

Electronic license.

"Electronic license" means an application, license, pass, permit, sticker, registration, or any other future electronic transaction relating to Department of Natural Resources licensing, issued under the electronic license system.

Subp. 5.

Electronic license system.

"Electronic license system" means the Minnesota system of using point-of-sale equipment, online sales, or a telephone service to collect data and to issue electronic licenses.

Subp. 6.

Off-road recreational vehicle.

"Off-road recreational vehicle" means an off-highway motorcycle, off-road vehicle, snowmobile, or all-terrain vehicle.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 84.027; 84.79; 84.798; 84.8205; 84.86; 84.924; 86B.211; 97A.405; 97A.485


24 SR 238; 34 SR 1205

Published Electronically:

March 10, 2010