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Subpart 1.


All roads and all forms of mechanical transport including but not limited to motors, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles and all mechanized equipment are prohibited except as provided in this part and except as provided by Code of Federal Regulations, title 36, section 251.85, dated December 15, 1965, and accompanying administrative guides. Any such transport or equipment found unattended on state land or water shall be removed at the owner's expense. If not claimed and payment of expenses offered within a reasonable time, it shall be disposed of under state laws governing abandoned property.

Subp. 2.

Motorized watercraft allowed.

Watercraft equipped with motors capable of propelling the watercraft, and motor driven ice and snow craft are permitted over the following designated routes, which are the same as provided in Code of Federal Regulations, title 36, section 251.85(b)(4)(a) and (b)(7)(a):


international boundary route, including the portages commonly used in traversing the international boundary as provided for in the Webster-Ashburton Treaty;


Sioux River Route to Loon Lake by way of Little Indian Sioux River, and the Pauness Lakes;


Moose River Route to Lac La Croix by way of Moose River, Nina Moose Lake, Lake Agnes, and the Boulder River;


Trout Lake Route by way of Trout Lake and Oriniack Lake, including the Pine Lake Loop;


Pipestone Bay Route to Basswood Lake by way of Newton Lake;


Four Mile Portage Route to Basswood Lake, including Mud Lake and Ella Hall Lake;


Wind Lake Route to Basswood Lake by way of Wind Lake and Wind Bay;


Ensign Lake Route to Thomas Lake by way of Newfound Lake, Ensign Lake, Ashigan Lake, Gibson Lake, Cattyman Lake, Jordan Lake, Ima Lake and Hatchet Lake, including branch routes by way of Vera Lake to Knife Lake and from Snowbank Lake to Cattyman Lake by way of Parent Lake and Disappointment Lake;


Lake Insula Route to Thomas Lake by way of Lakes One, Two, Three, and Four, Hudson Lake, Lake Insula, and Kiana Lake, including the route to Alice Lake from Lake Insula by way of the Kawishiwi River;


South Kawishiwi River Route from Birch Lake to the Kawishiwi River, with connecting link by way of Clear Lake;


Bald Eagle Route from South Kawishiwi River by way of Gabbro Lake to Bald Eagle Lake;


Smoke Lake Route from Sawbill Lake by way of Smoke Lake, Flame Lake, Burnt Lake, Kelly Lake, Peterson Lake, and Baker Lake;


Cherokee Route from Sawbill Lake to Brule Lake by way of Ada Creek, Ada Lake, Cherokee Lake, North Temperance Lake and South Temperance Lake;


Brule Lake Route from Peterson Lake to Poplar Lake by way of Kelly Lake, Jack Lake, Weird Lake, South Temperance Lake, Brule Lake, the Cone Lakes, Cliff Lake, Wanihigan Lake, Winchell Lake, Gaskin Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Caribou Lake, and Lizz Lake;


Tuscarora Lake Route from Round Lake to Tuscarora Lake by way of Missing Link Lake, or direct;


Red Rock Lake Route from Sea Gull Lake to Saganaga Lake by way of the Alpine Lake and Red Rock Lake;


Clearwater Lake -- Mountain Lake Route;


East Bearskin -- Pine Lake Route by way of Alder Lake and Canoe Lake; and


Hog Creek Route to Perent Lake.

Subp. 3.

Ice and snow craft.

In addition, motor driven ice and snow craft only are permitted over the following designated routes, which are the same as those provided in Code of Federal Regulations, title 36, section 251.85(b)(7)(a):


Crane Lake, Little Vermillion Lake Winter Portage; and


Saganaga Lake Winter Portage in Sections 18-19, T. 66 N., R. 4 W.

Use of ice and snow craft is authorized only during the period November 1 to April 15, and when the ground is covered with snow.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 84.027; 84.03; 105.39

Published Electronically:

October 8, 2013