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6120.5400 LOCAL DUTIES.

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 1969, chapter 104, local governmental units shall:


submit to the commissioner for review a list of available flood data, floodplain maps, and degree of flood damage potential for each watercourse having flood hazards;


adopt or amend a floodplain management ordinance which meets these minimum standards and criteria for floodplain management, upon the determination of the commissioner that sufficient technical information is available for the delineation of floodplains and floodways on a watercourse;


submit proposed floodplain management ordinances to the commissioner for review and approval before adoption;


administer and enforce floodplain management ordinances upon adoption; and


submit to the commissioner for approval any amendments to floodplain management ordinances before adoption.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 104.05


17 SR 1279

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008