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Subpart 1.


The designated tributaries referred to in parts 6105.0110, subpart 3, item B, subitem (3) and 6105.0120 shall be:


Saint Augusta Creek (Johnson Creek on USGS quadrangles);


Plum Creek;


Clearwater River;


Bend Creek (Fish Creek on USGS quadrangles);


Silver Creek;


Otter Creek;


Creek at Otsego;


Elk River; and


North Fork Crow River.

Subp. 2.

Management maps.

The commissioner of natural resources hereby adopts the land management maps, plates 1 to 9 in part 6105.0950 to the area identified in the legal description and according to part 6105.0070, subpart 2, item B for the protection and management of lands within the scenic and recreational river land use districts.


Parts 6105.0010 to 6105.0250 shall apply to all lands within the scenic and recreational river land use districts that are within unincorporated areas of the counties at the time of designations. Federal lands, however, are not subject to these parts.


The land or interests in land recommended to be acquired in this plan will be acquired where funds are available for such purchases, in the manner as provided for in Minnesota Statutes 1974, section 104.37.


Portions of the scenic or recreational land use districts which are within the boundaries of municipalities on the date of designation shall be covered by various provisions of parts 6105.0010 to 6105.0250 and parts 6120.2600 to 6120.3900, as specified in part 6105.0870, subparts 5 to 9.


Because acquisition of land, or interests in land, is from willing sellers, at the appraised value, some lands recommended for scenic easement acquisition may be purchased in fee title. This change from the recommended acquisition would be based on the mutual agreement by and between the state of Minnesota and the landowner(s). Furthermore, additional lands, or interests in land, may be purchased in order to further the policies established in Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.305, and this management plan.


Land exchanges will be expedited, wherever feasible, in order to acquire lands within the land use district boundaries. These exchanges will be expedited in the manner described by law. However, land exchanges will not be recommended if such exchanges would adversely affect other Department of Natural Resources management programs.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 104.35; 103F.325

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008