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Minnesota Legislature

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6105.0030 SCOPE.

The standards and criteria for wild, scenic, and recreational rivers hereby established in parts 6105.0010 to 6105.0250 shall pertain to public waters and to public and private lands within the land use districts as defined in the management plan.

The extent of the lands so covered is a maximum of 320 acres per each mile of river on both sides (not each side) of those rivers or river segments which the commissioner of natural resources has designated as components of the Minnesota wild and scenic rivers system.

All state, local, and special governmental units, councils, commissions, boards, districts, agencies, departments, and other authorities shall exercise their powers so as to further the purpose of the Minnesota Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and management plans adopted thereunder.

Land owned by the state, its agencies and subdivisions shall be administered in accordance with the management plan. No land so owned within the land use district shall be transferred if the commissioner determines such transfer is inconsistent with the plan.

In case of conflict between a provision of the Minnesota Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of these parts and some other law of this state or provisions of existing local ordinances, the more protective provision shall apply.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 104.34

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008