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Subpart 1.


Parts 5221.6010 to 5221.6600 establish parameters for reasonably required treatment of employees with compensable workers' compensation injuries to prevent excessive services under Minnesota Statutes, sections 176.135 and 176.136, subdivision 2. Parts 5221.6010 to 5221.6600 do not affect any determination of liability for an injury under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 176, and are not intended to expand or restrict a health care provider's scope of practice under any other statute.

Subp. 2.


All treatment must be medically necessary as defined in part 5221.6040, subpart 10. In the absence of a specific parameter, any applicable general parameters govern. A departure from a parameter that limits the duration or type of treatment may be appropriate in any one of the circumstances specified in part 5221.6050, subpart 8. Parts 5221.6010 to 5221.6600 apply to all treatment provided after January 4, 1995, regardless of the date of injury. All limitations on the duration of a specific treatment modality or type of modality begin with the first time the modality is initiated after January 4, 1995. However, consideration may be given to treatment initiated under the emergency rules (parts 5221.6050 to 5221.6500 [Emergency]). Parts 5221.6010 to 5221.6600 do not apply to treatment of an injury after an insurer has denied liability for the injury. However, in such cases the rules do apply to treatment initiated after liability has been established. References to days and weeks in parts 5221.6050 to 5221.6600 mean calendar days and weeks unless specified otherwise.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 176.103; 176.83


19 SR 1412

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008