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Drivers who own and operate trucks on contract work shall be compensated for their equipment according to the following formula: Truck Rental Rates Equals Labor Cost Plus Operating Cost.

Labor cost shall be the appropriate rate determined to be prevailing by the Department of Labor and Industry using existing survey methods under parts 5200.1000 to 5200.1120 and certified under part 5200.1100, subpart 4, truck drivers.

Operating cost shall be determined by averaging the itemized costs of operating a vehicle as submitted by at least five trucking firms of various size and five independent truck owner operators, all selected by the commissioner as representative of the industry.

The following items shall be considered as operating costs of a vehicle: the average cost of the vehicle depreciated over seven years, insurance, fuel, oil, tires, taxes, licenses, maintenance, repair, and any administrative expense associated with the vehicle's operation including truck brokers' fees. The truck broker fee is a portion of the minimum truck rental rate and shall be determined by annual survey.

Within 30 days of determination of rates, an informal conference will be held by the commissioner or the commissioner's representative, for the purpose of further input prior to certification. Interested parties shall be given at least ten days' prior notice of the conference date, time, and location, through publication in the State Register.

At the conference, the department shall produce and review the data, summary sheets, and other documents upon which its determination was based.

Notice of the certification and its effective date shall be published in the State Register in accordance with part 5200.1080.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 175.171; 177.41 to 177.44


13 SR 660; 25 SR 1942

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008