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The agency may approve an alternative program component of an alternate administrator in whole or in part, and may approve a program for a limited geographic area. In determining whether or not to approve applications to administer programs under the urban Indian program, the members shall examine the following facts and make their determinations:


Any written comments received by the agency from the advisory council regarding the applications for the proposed programs. The agency shall consider the conclusions of the advisory council on urban Indians and the reasons given in support of the conclusions, including the council's evaluation of the applications under the criteria in items B and C.


The extent to which the program will assist in serving the housing needs of the urban Indian community. Factors to be considered include:


the extent to which the program duplicates or is in conflict with other programs that provide housing for urban Indians and the extent to which the program will demonstrate the feasibility of alternative methods for providing housing for urban Indians;


the geographic location of the proposed program and the percentage of the Minnesota urban Indian community residing in the geographic area or areas to be served, as determined by the agency according to population data;


the method and cost of program administration, the time required to implement the program, and the capacity of the administrator to carry out the program; and


the extent to which American Indians are involved in the administration of the program, and in the ownership, management, and labor force of any contractors and subcontractors intended to be employed in the program.


The extent to which the use of appropriated funds reduces housing costs to American Indian persons or families and the extent to which the program combines the proceeds of appropriated funds with proceeds of bonds of the agency, or of other issues of bonds, or otherwise uses available money to leverage the appropriated funds.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 462A.06


12 SR 2215

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008