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A medical cannabis manufacturer must install and maintain a professionally monitored security alarm system that provides intrusion and fire detection of all:


facility entrances and exits;


rooms with exterior windows;


rooms with exterior walls;


roof hatches;


skylights; and


storage rooms.


For purposes of this part, a security alarm system means a device or series of devices that summons law enforcement personnel during, or as a result of, an alarm condition. Devices may include:


hardwired systems and systems interconnected with a radio frequency method such as cellular or private radio signals that emit or transmit a remote or local audio, visual, or electronic signal;


motion detectors;


pressure switches;


a duress alarm;


a panic alarm;


a holdup alarm;


an automatic voice dialer; and


a failure notification system that provides an audio, text, or visual notification of any failure in the surveillance system.


A manufacturer's security alarm system and all devices must continue to operate during a power outage.


The commissioner must have the ability to access a medical cannabis manufacturer's security alarm system.


The manufacturer's security alarm system must be inspected and all devices tested annually by a qualified alarm vendor.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.389; 152.25; 152.26


39 SR 1080

Published Electronically:

February 20, 2015