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Sealing of exploratory borings shall be carried out according to Minnesota Statutes, chapter 103I and parts 4727.0050 to 4727.1250. Sealing, whether temporary or permanent, shall be undertaken within 30 days of completion of drilling activities. The commissioner may order that an exploratory boring be sampled and any contamination be removed prior to sealing. If an exploratory boring provides a potential or actual source or channel of contamination for an aquifer, the commissioner may order that the boring be permanently sealed. The explorer is responsible for temporary and permanent sealing of exploratory borings constructed by the explorer except when a written agreement exists, as provided in part 4727.0250, that assigns the responsibility to another.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 103I.101; 156A.01 to 156A.08


28 SR 147

Published Electronically:

September 15, 2003