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The isolation distances in items A and B apply to exploratory borings being constructed and to exploratory borings that are temporarily sealed.


An exploratory boring must be at least ten feet horizontally from a pipe with flammable or volatile gas, an overhead or underground electric transmission line, or a liquid propane tank, except a temporary liquid propane tank used during construction or sealing of an exploratory boring. If an electric transmission line is in excess of 50 kilovolts or of unknown voltage, an exploratory boring must be at least 25 feet horizontally from the electric transmission line.


An exploratory boring must be at least three feet horizontally from the farthest exterior projection of a building, including the walls, roofs, decks, and overhangs. An exploratory boring must not be located inside a building unless the boring is permanently sealed within 30 days of completion of drilling.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 103I.101


28 SR 147

Published Electronically:

September 15, 2003