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This part applies to the construction or modification of exploratory borings.


An exploratory boring must not be drilled, deepened through a confining layer, or have casing installed or removed until notification is made to the commissioner.


The commissioner must be notified at least ten days before exploratory boring begins.


When notification is required, the explorer must submit to the commissioner of health and the commissioner of natural resources a written notification containing the following:


a county road map having a scale of one-half inch to one mile, as prepared by the Department of Transportation, and showing the location of each proposed exploratory boring to the nearest estimated 40-acre parcel;


the Minnesota unique number of each proposed exploratory boring, except that an explorer may submit the notification without the unique number identified and the commissioner shall assign the unique number and forward the corresponding sealing report form to the explorer;


the name and license number of the explorer;


the name of the certified responsible individual; and


the name and address of the property owner.


If notification has been made according to item C and the explorer wishes to construct additional exploratory borings in the area shown by the map submitted under item C, the explorer is exempt from the ten-day notification period in item B so long as a new or amended map meeting the requirements of item C, subitem (1), is submitted before drilling.


The notification is valid for 180 days from the date it is filed.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 103I.101


28 SR 147

Published Electronically:

September 15, 2003