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A person shall annually apply for an explorer's license by submitting to the commissioner a properly completed application. The application form must include the name, address, and telephone number of the person applying for licensure. The application form must be signed by an officer or other legally authorized representative of the person making application for licensure. An explorer's license is effective for the calendar year for which it is issued. The person applying for an explorer's license shall include the name of the responsible individual who will supervise or oversee the location, construction, and sealing of exploratory borings on behalf of the explorer. If the person applying for the explorer's license does not designate a responsible individual, the commissioner shall issue a conditional license. A conditional license is not considered valid for the purpose of engaging in the construction of exploratory borings until a certified, responsible individual has been designated and the commissioner has been notified of the designation. The notification of designation shall be made at least ten days prior to the commencement of exploratory boring.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 103I.101; 156A.01 to 156A.08


28 SR 147

Published Electronically:

September 15, 2003