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When called to a case, suspected case, or death from any of the following diseases, the attending physician, within 24 hours, shall notify the agent of a community health board as authorized under Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.04 by means of the regular reporting post card or special blank provided for such reports. Diseases marked by asterisk shall also be reported directly to the Division of Personal Health Services, Minnesota Department of Health.

When no physician is in attendance, it shall be the duty of the head of the household, or other person in charge of any institution, school, hotel, boarding house, camp, dairy farm, or pasteurization plant, or any other person having knowledge of any individual believed to have or suspected of having any disease, presumably communicable, to report immediately the name and address of any such person to the authorized agent. Until official action on such has been taken, strict isolation shall be maintained.

Within 24 hours of the receipt of such notification or other knowledge of a case, the authorized agent shall forward same to the Minnesota Department of Health, Division of Personal Health Services, 717 Delaware Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440 (651-296-5201) after transcribing essential information for permanent local record.

* Actinomycosis
* Anthrax
* Botulism
Brucellosis (Undulant Fever)
Chickenpox (Over 16 years of age)
* Cholera, Asiatic
Conjunctivitis, Epidemic
Diarrhea, Epidemic
(a) Amebic
(b) Bacillary
Encephalitis (all types)
German Measles (rubella)
Food infection and poisoning
* Glanders
Hepatitis, Infectious
Hepatitis, Serum
* Leprosy
Meningitis (all types)
Mononucleosis, Infectious
* Ophthalmia, Neonatorum
Paratyphoid Fever
* Plague
* Psittacosis
* Rabies (cases and exposed persons)
Rheumatic Fever
Ringworm of the Scalp
* Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Scarlet Fever and Epidemic Sore Throat
* Smallpox
* Tetanus
* Trichinosis
Typhoid Fever
* Typhus Fever
Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
Yellow Fever

Statutory Authority:

MS s 144.56


L 1977 c 305 s 39; L 1987 c 309 s 24; L 2015 c 21 art 1 s 109

Published Electronically:

October 2, 2015

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes