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No mobile home shall be parked closer than three feet to the side lot lines of a mobile home park if the abutting property is improved property or closer than ten feet to a public street or alley. Each individual mobile home site shall abut or face on a driveway or clear unoccupied space of not less than 16 feet in width, which space shall have unobstructed access to a public highway or alley. There shall be an open space of at least ten feet between the sides of adjacent mobile homes including their attachments, and at least three feet between mobile homes when parked end to end. The space between mobile homes may be used for parking of motor vehicles or other property provided such vehicle or other property be parked at least ten feet from the nearest adjacent mobile home position.

All new mobile home parks constructed after July 1, 1970, and additions to existing mobile home parks constructed after July 1, 1970, shall allot the following minimum site sizes for each mobile home: 4,000 square feet if sewage from the park is discharged into a soil absorption system; 2,800 square feet if any other acceptable method of sewage disposal is used.

In recreational camping areas, recreational camping vehicles shall be separated from each other and from other structures by at least ten feet. Any accessory structure such as attached awnings, car ports, or individual storage facilities, shall, for the purpose of this separation requirement, be considered to be part of the recreational camping vehicle. A minimum site size of 2,000 square feet shall be provided for each recreational camping vehicle in camping areas constructed after July 1, 1970. All recreational camping vehicles shall be located at least 25 feet from any camping area property boundary line abutting upon a public street or highway and at least ten feet from other park property boundary lines.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 327.10 to 327.28

Published Electronically:

February 8, 2005