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4410.1300 EAW FORM.


The EQB chair shall develop an EAW form to be used by the RGU. The EQB chair may approve the use of an alternative EAW form if an RGU demonstrates the alternative form will better accommodate the RGU's function or better address a particular type of project and the alternative form will provide more complete, more accurate, or more relevant information.


The EAW form shall be assessed by the EQB chair periodically and may be altered by the EQB chair to improve the effectiveness of the document.


If a federal Environmental Assessment has been prepared for a project, the Environmental Assessment document may be circulated in place of the EAW form, provided that the Environmental Assessment addresses each of the environmental effects identified in the EAW form.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 116D.04; 116D.045


13 SR 1437; 21 SR 1458

Published Electronically:

August 20, 2018