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Subpart 1.

In general.

An applicant must qualify separately for each licensure area for which application is made and provide evidence of satisfactory completion of a program in the licensure area that has been approved by the board.

Each application for the issuance or renewal of a license shall be accompanied by the processing fee in part 8710.0200. The processing fee shall be nonrefundable for applicants not qualifying for a license, except the fee is refundable when the applicant for a license already holds the license for which application is made and that license does not expire in the year the application is submitted.

All licenses must be issued or renewed according to criteria established in rules of the board and are valid for the period of time specified in this part. All licenses must bear the date of issuance and expire on the specified number of years from July 1 nearest the date licensure was approved. Applications for renewal must be accepted by the Minnesota Department of Education, Division of Educator Licensing and Teaching Quality, after January 1 of the year of expiration. The renewal period begins on July 1 of the year of expiration. After June 30 in the year of expiration, all licenses not renewed expire and are no longer valid.

Subp. 2.

Initial license.

The initial license issued in any licensure area is an entrance license, valid for two years. Licenses valid for administration and supervision in Minnesota schools must be granted to persons who meet all requirements of applicable statutes and rules and who complete programs approved by the board leading to licensure in Minnesota institutions that are approved by the board pursuant to part 3512.2500 to prepare persons for licensure.

Subp. 3.

Failure to complete school year of experience affecting entrance license.

When one school year of administrative or supervisory experience is not completed before the expiration of an entrance license, another entrance license in that licensure area must be issued upon application. If an entrance license in any licensure area is allowed to lapse, it shall be renewed, upon application, until the applicant has had one school year of administrative or supervisory experience while holding a valid entrance license after which time an applicant must qualify for a continuing license.

Subp. 4.

Continuing license.

A continuing license, valid for five years, must be issued and renewed upon application according to provisions enumerated in the specific licensure rules of the board for the continuing license being issued or renewed.

Statutory Authority:

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Published Electronically:

October 23, 2008