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Subpart 1.

License required.

A person who serves as or performs the duties of a superintendent, principal, or director of special education shall hold a license appropriate to the position of school superintendent, principal, or director of special education. Performance of duties includes duties that provide assistance to the superintendent, principal, or director of special education consisting of 50 percent or more in administration, personnel, supervision, evaluation, and curriculum.

Initial licenses may be issued for each administrative licensure area for which licensure is sought. An applicant must meet requirements for licensure as a superintendent of schools, as a school principal, or as a director of special education.

Subp. 2.

Institutional requirement.

An institution applying to the board for approval of a preparation program leading to licensure as superintendent, principal, or director of special education shall comply with part 3512.2500. An approved program must include a description of how applicants for licensure may have their experience and preparation in those areas listed in subpart 3 or 4 evaluated by an institution with an approved program. The evaluation must include representation from college departments involved with the licensure program and licensed practicing superintendents, principals, and directors of special education. This evaluation must result in a plan for the applicant to complete the knowledge, skills, and dispositions listed in part 3512.0510.

An approved program for the competency and situational observation component must include an exit evaluation that requires a licensure candidate to demonstrate mastery of aptitude with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions in part 3512.0510.

Subp. 3.

Continuing licensure.

A continuing license shall be issued and renewed according to part 3512.2300 governing continuing licenses.

Subp. 4.

Persons holding life or permanent licenses.


A person holding a Minnesota life or permanent license as a superintendent or principal need not hold an initial license or a continuing license in that administrative licensure area.


A person holding a Minnesota life license as a superintendent may serve as a secondary school principal or assistant principal or as an elementary school principal or assistant principal.

Subp. 5.

Administrative licensure completed outside of Minnesota.

A person prepared in another state must be granted an initial license in accordance with part 3512.2600. One year of full-time experience as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, or assistant principal in another state may be substituted for the field experience required by part 3512.0400. A person licensed in another state must achieve educational equivalency by the end of their initial license with persons licensed in Minnesota. Educational equivalency includes 30 semester credits beyond a masters degree or 60 semester credits beyond a bachelor degree.

Subp. 6.

[Repealed, 33 SR 658]

Statutory Authority:

MS s 125.05; L 1993 c 224 art 12 s 34; L 1996 c 412 art 9 s 14; L 2006 c 263 art 2 s 20


21 SR 804; L 1998 c 397 art 11 s 3; 33 SR 658

Published Electronically:

October 23, 2008