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The county must redetermine each participating family's eligibility at least every six months. The county must redetermine the eligibility of families in the start-up phase of self-employment without an approved employment plan more frequently than once every six months if existing documentation is insufficient to accurately predict self-employment income. If a family reports a change in an eligibility factor before the family's next regularly scheduled redetermination, the county must recalculate eligibility without requiring verification of any eligibility factor that did not change.


The county must not treat a redetermination of eligibility as a new application for child care assistance. The participant is responsible for providing documentary evidence of continued eligibility.


If redetermination establishes that a family is ineligible for further child care assistance, the county shall terminate the child care assistance as provided in part 3400.0185. If redetermination establishes the need for a change in the family's copayment, revisions shall be calculated according to part 3400.0100. When a change in income affects the amount of a participant's copayment, the new copayment amount is effective on the first day of the service period following the 15-day notice period.


If a family timely reports the information required by part 3400.0040, subpart 4, and redetermination establishes a need for a change in the amount of the family's child care assistance, the amount of child care assistance paid to the family between the date the change was reported and the first date that the new child care assistance payment would be effective if the county properly implemented the change does not constitute an overpayment.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 119B.02; 119B.04; 119B.06; 256.01; 256H.01 to 256H.19


14 SR 519; 18 SR 1144; 26 SR 253; 33 SR 695

Published Electronically:

October 29, 2008