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Subpart 1.


The license holder must ensure that all staff attend and successfully complete at least six hours of orientation training before having unsupervised contact with foster children. The number of hours of orientation training are not counted as part of the hours of annual training. Orientation training must include at least the topics in items A to F:


emergency procedures, including evacuation routes, emergency telephone numbers, severe storm and tornado procedures, and location of facility alarms and equipment;


relevant statutes and administrative rules and legal issues, including reporting requirements for abuse and neglect specified in Minnesota Statutes, sections 626.556 and 626.557, and other reporting requirements based on the ages of the children;


cultural diversity and gender sensitivity, culturally specific services, and information about discrimination and racial bias issues to ensure that caregivers have cultural sensitivity and will be culturally competent to care for children according to Minnesota Statutes, section 260C.212, subdivision 11;


general and special needs, including disability needs, of children and families served;


operational policies and procedures of the license holder; and


data practices regulations and issues.

Subp. 2.

Personnel training.

The license holder must provide training for staff that is modified annually to meet the current needs of individual staff persons. The license holder must develop an annual training plan for employees that addresses items A to C.


Full-time and part-time direct care staff and volunteers must have sufficient training to accomplish their duties. To determine the type and amount of training an employee needs, the license holder must consider the foster care program's target population, services the program delivers, and outcomes expected from the services, as well as the employee's position description, tasks to be performed, and the performance indicators for the position. The license holder and staff who care for children who rely on medical equipment to sustain life or monitor a medical condition must meet the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.155.


Full-time staff who have direct contact with children must complete at least 18 hours of in-service training per year. One-half of the training must be skill development training. Other foster home staff and volunteers must complete in-service training requirements consistent with their duties.


Part-time direct care staff must receive sufficient training to competently care for children. The amount of training must be provided at least at a ratio of one hour of training for each 60 hours worked, up to 18 hours of training per part-time employee per year.

Subp. 3.

Documentation of training.

The license holder must document the date and number of hours of orientation and in-service training completed by each staff person in each topic area and the name of the entity that provided the training.

Statutory Authority:

L 1995 c 226 art 3 s 60; MS s 241.021; 245A.03; 245A.09


28 SR 211

Published Electronically:

August 5, 2008

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes