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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

2911.5550 LOCKS AND KEYS.

Subpart 1.


Keys or other access control devices to security locks shall be properly tagged and stored in a secure cabinet within a secure area, and out of reach of the inmates or the public.

At least one complete functional set of facility keys shall be kept on hand for replacement or emergency purposes.

Keys that serve a critical security purpose shall be easily identifiable and never issued except upon order of the facility administrator or person in charge, and according to established procedure.

No security keys shall be made available to inmates regardless of status.

Subp. 2.

Lock policy.

A facility shall have a written policy and procedure that requires that all security perimeter entrances, control center doors, and housing unit doors are kept locked, except when used for admission or exit of employees, inmates, or visitors, and in an emergency. A facility equipped with a sally port shall ensure that only one of the doors of a sally port is opened at any point in time for entry or exit purposes.

Subp. 3.

Regular testing.

Locks to security doors or gates shall be tested for proper function at least weekly to ensure proper operation.

Subp. 4.

Inoperable locks.

A lock to a security door or gate shall not be inoperable or left in a nonworking condition.

An inmate shall not be secured in a cell or area that has inoperable locks.

Subp. 5.


A facility shall have a written policy and procedure that provides for the control and use of keys and other access control devices.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 241.021


23 SR 1834; 38 SR 523

Published Electronically:

December 20, 2013