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The facility administrator or designee shall develop and implement an inmate visiting policy. The policy shall be in writing and include:


attorney/client interviews allowed in a manner consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section 481.10;


a schedule of visiting hours that includes the days and times for visits that includes visits during the normal business day, and evenings or weekends;


establishment of a uniform number of permissible visits and the number of visitors permitted per visit;


that an adult inmate be permitted an initial visit with a member or members of the inmate's immediate family at the next regularly scheduled visiting period;


that all facilities schedule a minimum of eight visiting hours per week:


a minimum of three separate and distinct visiting days per week; and


20 minutes' duration minimum for each visit unless the number of persons attempting to visit exceeds the facility's ability to meet this requirement, or the inmate's behavior dictates a need to terminate a visit earlier;


allowed visits for identified members of an inmate's immediate family;


when a visit to an inmate is denied for reasonable grounds on the belief that the visit might endanger the security of the facility, the action and reasons for denial shall be documented;


that visitors register, giving names, addresses, and relationship to inmate;


that any area used for inmate visiting may be subject to audio monitoring, recording, or both. The facility shall use signs and the inmate handbook to inform the inmate about audio monitoring and recording. Professional visits shall not be audio recorded, unless a court order has been issued;


that policies for parents, guardians, and attorneys visiting juveniles are unrestrictive as administratively possible and the initial visit of a juvenile by parents, guardians, and attorneys be permitted at any time;


picture identification of visitors be required for identification purposes;


that juvenile children be allowed to visit parents, regardless of age, as deemed appropriate by the parent or guardian accompanying the child and when a dispute over children visiting occurs between the inmate and the parent or legal guardian, the inmate be referred to the court for resolution; and


facility policy and procedures setting forth criteria for authorized friend visiting.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 241.021


23 SR 1834; 38 SR 523

Published Electronically:

December 20, 2013