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Students and instructors must comply with all infection control requirements in part 2105.0375 and with salon prohibitions in part 2105.0377. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that all students comply with the infection control requirements in part 2105.0375.


A new school must not offer clinical services until the minimum preclinical hours required for students has been met.


A school must not operate a student clinic at any location other than the school.


A sign stating, "All services performed by students," in type at least 2-1/2 inches in height must be conspicuously displayed in each reception area of the school and in each clinic.


Instructors must not perform services on any client in the school clinic except to the extent necessary to demonstrate or instruct students. The student must be physically present, observing the instruction or demonstration and must participate in the learning experience by actual performance of the complete service.


Students must not perform clinic services until the required hours of preclinical training have been completed.


All services performed by students must be supervised by instructors and checked before, during, and after performance.


All students are required to wear an identification badge at all times. The badges must be at least two inches by one inch; state the student's name; and state "Student." Badges must be furnished by the school as part of tuition costs.


Each student and each instructor must wash hands with soap and hot water before providing or demonstrating any service on a student, mannequin, or client. An alcohol-based hand rub with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol may be used in lieu of hand washing only when the hands are free of lotions, ointments, product, and visible soil. Gloves and hand wipes are not an acceptable substitute for hand washing.


A school may charge clients for services performed by students. These prices must be conspicuously posted in the clinic reception area.

Statutory Authority:

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Published Electronically:

November 22, 2017

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes