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A skills course must be offered in person and taught by an instructor licensed in the course subject.


Each skills course must begin with an initial board-approved skills test. The provider must use board-approved scoring of the skills test and a board skills test form for the specific licensure area sought by the applicant.


Attendees who pass the skills test have completed the skills course. The provider must issue a signed and dated skills course certificate to the attendee.


Attendees who do not pass the initial skills test must complete the provider's skills course curriculum for each skills test area not passed. The attendee has completed the skills course when the attendee passes the skills test.


Skills courses must be taught by an instructor licensed to teach in the licensure area addressed by the skills course. A separate skills course is required for each licensure area.


Board approval is not required for a licensed cosmetology school to offer skills courses, but the cosmetology school may notify the board if offering the course. Providers who are not cosmetology schools must meet the requirements of part 2105.0187.


A provider of a skills course must provide attendees who have successfully completed the course with a skills course certificate showing successful completion of the skills test, and must retain records of attendees for five years from the date of the skill certificate.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.389; 155A.23; 155A.26; 155A.27; 155A.29; 155A.30; L 2017 1Sp4 art 2 s 64


41 SR 305; 42 SR 589

Published Electronically:

November 22, 2017