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Cosmetologist training must consist of at least 1,550 hours of coursework and include the full nail technician course content, the full esthetician course content, and the balance in hair services.


The cosmetology course must include instruction in applied science and skills in shampooing, scalp and hair conditioning, hair design and shaping, chemical hair control, hair coloring, hair styling, skin care and facials, makeup, waxing, and manicuring and nail care of 1,130 hours and instruction in related theory and sciences of 420 hours.


The first 240 hours of the cosmetology course must consist of preclinical instruction in the theory of sciences of anatomy, dermatology, trichology, manicuring, and chemistry as related to cosmetology; electricity and light; infection control; safety procedures related to the practice of cosmetology; and Minnesota Statutes and rules which pertain to the regulation of the practice of cosmetology; student orientation; and elementary service skills. Elementary service skills must be limited to the observation of an instructor demonstration or student-to-student application of basic services related to cosmetology.


The cosmetology course must also include planned clinical instruction and experience in the applied sciences. Each student is required to complete the following minimum number of clinical exercises in column II. Clinical exercises may be performed upon customers in the school clinic, fellow students, models, or mannequins in the classroom.

Column I
Column II
Service Exercises
(1) shampooing 50 300
(2) scalp and hair conditioning 80 150
(3) hair design shaping 150 75
(4) chemical hair control (including 6 chemical relaxing exercises) 200 60
(5) hair coloring 100 50
(6) hair styling 200 300
(7) facials, makeup, and waxes (including 60 facials, 40 makeup applications, 20 facial waxes, and 20 body waxes with one-half of all waxes being soft and one-half of all waxes being hard) 200 140
(8) manicures (including 10 applications of artificial nails, of which 3 are sculptured on the nail) 150 50
skill hours 1130
related theory and lecture 420
total 1550


Documentation of the student's completion of the required quotas in each category in item D must be sent to the board with the documentation of successful completion of the entire course of training.


There must be instruction in business practices and in the Minnesota laws regulating those practices and labor relations.


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Published Electronically:

September 13, 2016

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes