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2105.0110 ADVERTISING.

The following provisions govern all advertising relating to the practice of cosmetology:


It is a violation of this chapter to advertise or offer any board-regulated services from an unlicensed salon or an unlicensed practitioner.


Any salon advertisement must list the licensed name of the salon as shown on the salon license. Franchise and corporations using a common brand name in advertisements related to multiple locations may use the common brand name instead of the full assumed name listed on the salon license. Salons that reference staff names in any advertisement must list at least the first name of the licensee as shown on the individual's license.


An individual practitioner advertising the practitioner's licensed services must list either the full name as shown on the individual's license or the name of the salon as shown on the salon license.


A practitioner leasing space in a licensed salon may advertise under a business name if the full name of the practitioner as shown on the practitioner's license is listed. If the practitioner's full name is not listed, wherever the business name appears, it must be immediately followed by "at (insert legible name of salon as it appears on the salon license)."


Only currently licensed practitioners may identify themselves as a "cosmetologist," "esthetician," "aesthetician," "advanced practice esthetician," "advanced practice aesthetician," "nail technician," and "eyelash or lash technician." It is a violation of this chapter to qualify any board license title with another term, including the use of terms such as "medical," "certified," "master," and other qualifying terms.

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Published Electronically:

March 6, 2020

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes