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Perishable foods requiring aging as part of their processing before they are ready to be offered for consumption need not bear any open date, but may bear statements explaining the need for and the method of aging. If investigations by the commissioner on the commissioner's own initiative or because of complaints from consumers disclose that these aged foods have lost their palatability or desired or nutritive properties, the commissioner may require by rule adopted after a hearing held in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act that all such perishable foods bear an open date on the package or label of such perishable foods in accordance with this rule. Compliance with these parts does not relieve the manufacturer or processor or repackager of cheese from labeling it "pasteurized" if it was made from pasteurized milk or milk products, or "aged over 60 days" if it was made from unpasteurized milk or milk products, or "pasteurized processed" if it was made by a blending process, as described in and required by Minnesota Statutes, sections 32D.20 and 32D.22 and rules adopted thereunder.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.783


17 SR 1279

Published Electronically:

January 3, 2018