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When the open date shown on the package or label or labeling of a perishable food is 90 days or less from the date of manufacture or packaging, it shall consist of one of the following:


the name or the abbreviation or numerical designation for the month and the day of the month for open dates from eight to 90 days, e.g. August 27, or Aug. 27, or Au 27. or 08-27 or 8-27. When the numerical designation for the month is used, it shall appear before the number for the day of the month;


the name or abbreviation for the day of the week for open dates from one to seven days, e.g. Sunday or Sun or Su; Monday or Mon or Mo; Tuesday or Tues or Tu; Wednesday or Wed or We; Thursday or Thur or Th; Friday or Fri or Fr; Saturday or Sat or Sa; and the month and the year need not be shown; provided that in lieu of the names or acceptable abbreviations for the days of the week for open dates on perishable foods having quality assurance periods of from one to seven days, the manufacturer or processor may substitute the day of the month, e.g. 01 for the first day of the month or 31 for the last day of a month having 31 days; provided further, that such open date shall be explained on the label not later than the date or dates provided for in part 1550.1230. Such perishable food shall not be displayed for sale after the day of the week or the day of the month shown on the package, label, or labeling unless it is displayed under a sign or placard declaring it to be over age.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.783

Published Electronically:

September 23, 2013